suggestions on books/magazines/etc.

I’m trying to figure out if the ID industry or a bachelor’s degree in ID is for me, and I’m looking for a bunch of magazines, books, etc. that will give me a better idea of my actual interest in it.


What are your interests? do you like problem solving? Do you Like to draw? do you like to create new things?

If you give us an idea of what you like doing that would help us point you in the right direction.

I’d say that I like problem solving, and designing a product around it.

I also like creating new ideas for devices and gadgets.

I’m not really interested in furniture, footwear, “soft goods” or toys. More along the lines of:

  • electronics
  • small devices
  • high tech stuff
  • robots
  • transportation (but I’m not interested in autos. mass transit and bicycles, motorcycles/scooters/new stuff interest me)
  • ecologically friendly (green) design

I’d really prefer to create products that do as minimal damage to the environment as possible.

To be blunt, I’m not interested in just another pair of shoes/cellphone/car/etc. I want to be designing new and innovative products.

Has anyone seen the book “Masters of Car Design (Genius)

Product Description
Close to 400 photographs in this handsome volume capture the excitement of automotive history, spotlighting the most innovative and important car design and their manufacturers, include many famous American models. Illustrations and words combine to re-create the adventures of designing the legendary cars that evolved into today’s indispensable, stylish, and efficient automobile. From Ghia, Farina, Giugiaro, and Bertone to General Motors, Chrysler, and Ford, Masters of Car Design traces the evolution of car production, while spectacular archival and specially commissioned photographs showcase the cutting-edge designs that have earned these manufacturers a major place in automotive history. A superb gift for automotive enthusiasts, this book brings to life classic car models and their designers with fantastic photographs taken by famous car photographers.

LOL you may not like this then.

Thanks for the links Yo. Hopefully the library has some of them.

And carton, can you elaborate a little on your comment?

Look… to be quite honest, I’m interested in the top level people of the industry. I don’t intend on being another ‘CAD monkey’ or some lower level person the rest of my life. I intend on being one of the top people in the field, or at least running my own unique/innovative company.

So if that has any impact on what you’re saying, please let me know. But I’m still interested to see what you mean exactly.

I think what Carton was referring to was seeing this is where you were going with your thought process. In other words…get in line.

No one gets into this profession thinking they can’t/won’t change the world. You will need 2 of three things to do what you want to do:

  1. A pile of talent. You can speak all you want, until you do, and prove you can do, you won’t get anywhere close to your goal.

  2. A pile of money. With a pile of money, you can make a lot happen. You can hire talent to build your empire. You can free up your day and not have to worry about “paying the bills” etc.

  3. A pile of drive/motivation - The most important, IMO, but like I alluded to originally, you need 2 of the 3.

So pick 2 of the above 3 and start working towards world domination. Just remember some things along the way:

  1. A rising tide floats all boats - the more you work and the more you spread around your “winnings” the better of you and everyone around you will be.

  2. The competition’s stiff - This one speaks for itself.

  3. Dues will need to be paid. Whether its selling your soul to get ahead fast, or “the good ol’ fashioned way”, they need to be paid. You don’t just say you’re going to be the best.

I think Carton means that unfortunately (for all of us) design is more controlled by consumers that you can realise. Unfortunately people want to choose between 30 phones when the fact is they all essentially do the same thing (albeit some of course better than others).

I know what you are talking about though Keifer - and in order to do this you have to become an economist as well as a designer - to forsee what the next opportunity is and to get there before others realise. If this is the way you want to go, and it sounds like it, you want to do a course which has as much concentration on innovation and design strategy as possible. The books Yo recommended are a good start, they’ll start you on creating a thought process centred around observing everything around you.

Another route of course is medical design, and although I’m not sure how much of a hot topic it is in the states at the moments (‘can designers save lives?’) but in Europe (mostly Western) Medical Innovation is up and coming in a fast way, recognising the need for designers in the medical field rather than pure engineers.

Or, the other side is looking at being in-house for a big FMCG group (Philips, Electrolux, Nokia etc., they do a lot of high innovation work as well as designing fast consumer products).

Get reading first though!

The world is changed by those who didn’t know the werent supposed to change it… or however that goes.

From that standpoint I appreciate your enthusiasm. But try to express it in a way that doesn’t alienate all those around you. Figure that out and you’ll go far. We all are doing our best. Someday you will get the opportunity to do your thing… until then, keep an open mind. 2 ears, one mouth.

also, check this out: link to a book list right on the front page of core77.