Suggestions for potential Offsites in the New England area?

Hello y’all this question pertains to anyone familiar with the New England area.

I would like to set up an offsite somewhere for my team. We don’t seem to get out very much and I think it’d be great if we could leave our office and check out some interesting stuff to get our creative juices flowing. We recently went to see the Chihuly exhibit at the MFA and I found it to be a great experience, something I’d like to continue doing.

I haven’t been living in Massachusetts for that long so I’m not especially familiar with the area. I’m wondering if anyone has any suggestions of places that would be an interesting site for designers to visit? I’m open to anything really. Process, materials, form, or whatever would be inspiring.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. As a token of my gratitude, free drinks should our paths cross?

Check out the Blue hills. you can go for a short hike with the team along one of the Sklyline trails. At the top there is a building with a great view of Boston in the distance. there are also pic-nic tables there where you can talk and brainstorm. You will get a little bit of team bonding, great views, and maybe even some great ideas (especially for the walking group).

See you at sunset grill for those drinks :wink:

Not sure what the original post is asking specifically, are you looking for a place in New England to set up another office or places to go visit? :unamused:

Places to visit. Something along the lines of an inspiration trip.

Check out Snow Farms in MA. You can book a day or two of craft classes in all kinds of skills- glass blowing, welding, pottery, raku etc…
Our design team went there a few years ago and it was amazing!

Most of what I’m going to list I haven’t been to, but have seen listings of here and there, or have been to ages ago. Also this list will be random as I’m just thinking along what might be considered creative in any realm. So…

-There used to be, pretty sure still are, architectural tours in/around Boston. There was a really good one years ago of the Zakim bridge with the designer. Check the Boston globe, Boston Architectural Center, MIT, Boston Public Library, Boston Phoenix for offerings.

-DeCordova sculpture park and art museum.

-MIT museum - specially the Arthur Ganson section. Really nice guy on top of that.

There are interesting course offerings at The Artist Asylum. The fire breathing classes caught my eye a while ago. I have never been but kind of get the feeling that they are open to course/class ideas, so maybe you could get a special class for your team.

-There are weekends were artist (groups) open their studios for the weekend. There are probably more towns, but Cambridge, Arlington, Jamaica Plain, South End have them periodically. Also in the South End there are artist bazaars almost every weekend. All sorts of interesting handmade goods being sold. Again check The Boston Globe, Boston Phoenix for listings.

There are a couple other things but have to run to a long meeting. Will list later.
Good luck.


Definitely the DeCordova, I’d also recommend a jaunt down the road to the Walter Gropius House, you can rent it I believe.

Get a tour of the Harvard GSD