Suggestions for course to study?

Hi guys,

I’m new to this community and I would like your suggestion for courses to study for design. By the way I was a reader and read about this good community through his comment section so I decided to ask here :slight_smile:

Here’s the situation I’m a high school/ college as we call it in New Zealand student studying in New Zealand and I’m on my final year next year. I would have to make my decision for what am I going to study in university or college as you americans call it. I am interested on design and creating products and has been my interest ever since I was little. I also been taking graphic classes in high school which involves teaching instrumental drawings, design process etc. We also do design projects in graphic class which has a span of about a month per project.

The thing is the economic growth in New Zealand aren’t that good and my parents are concerned about the future of my employment and fear that I won’t get employed after graduating. Therefore for this reason I have come to a stop and think should I still take a design bachelor or a bachelor of product/industrial design? By the way are they the same thing or they are different? I’m confused. Anyways, my parent suggest me to take bachelor of engineering as they think I have a more likely chance of getting employed after graduate. But I don’t really want to force my self to do something that I don’t enjoy I like designing and creating products and help improve on the future etc. So guys, what do you think I should do? I need some suggestions

Thanks in advanced