Suggested Routes into Industrial/Product Design

What should my next step be after I finish my BS in Retailing? [please explain in your comments]

  • Graduate School in Industrial Design
  • Apply to Industrial Design Firms
  • Get any design experience first
  • Any of the above
  • Other

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My name is Zach Pereles and I am a senior majoring in Retailing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Right now, I am preparing for my plans for after graduation. My intent in posting this discussion is to gain a better understanding on how I can transition into the Product Design/Industrial Design Industry.

Two years ago, I completed a course in Product Design at Parsons the New School for Design, and fell in love. I am looking at all my options, but do not know where to start. Does anyone [designers, professors, employers, students, etc…] have any suggestions on which route I should take? What are Product Design firms looking for? Should I immediately apply to graduate school in ID? Or, should I get some sort of experience in the field first? If so, what kind do you recommend?

Thank you so much. I look forward to reading any & all guidance.

Hi Zach. Welcome.

This question comes up many times from a variety of angles. I suggest spending sometime perusing the Students and Schools forum and reading through older topics. There’s also the employment section with many tips on what firms want to see, how to set up your portfolio for interviews, and what to wear at work (among other things).

Best of luck!

I will definitely do that. Thank you so much!

Hello Zach!!In my point of view you may start the student because student life is those life which every student have sharp mind and pick up every thing quickly.Specially design is hard thing to learn initially but with the passage of time designing is so simple for the learn point of view.