Suggest Some Design Books

I get a grant for books but havent bought any yet. So spending spree!

Im finished for the summer but always hungry to learn more
Industrial/product/graphic/branding/ux anything like that

What are your favorite/most-interesting/helpful design books ?

Universal Methods of Design -

DesignDirect - how to start your own micro brand -

Both look good,

I have Universal Principles of Design which is fantastic, didn’t know there was a methods one as well

I dont want to start another thread, so Im going to hijack! Could anyone recommend me a book that deals with product form and the perception of shapes etc.

i loved rob parkers book “Buying In”, for insights into branding and consumer type stuff.
also “baked in” was pretty good, shorter book .

Most of the books written by Donald Norman. They all apply to all of the categories you mention. But you may already have read them, because they really should be the first books you get in your shelf, imo.

(I received an interesting tip from this thread as well… the Universal Methods book seems very nice and I’m currently contemplating from which site to order it… but it appears to be a reference book, and not for learning.)

I just bought this, and it’s great:

and I spotted a few contributors from the C77 boards.

I have found “Making It” which was reviewed on here superb for an overview on production methods, and “Design Secrets: Products” to see some well known product’s design processes.

Just received this, “Prototyping and Modelmaking for Product Design” very good.

Some good books I have read recently

Naoto Fukasawa
One of my favrouite designers, he explains the process and inspiration behind his products,
nice big coffee table book with a fabric cover.

The Art of Conversation
Not really design but communicating well is very important.

Baked In - Creating Products and Businesses That Market Themselves
Just started reading this one, great so far.

My uni’s library allows students to suggest book purchases, which they almost always buy. I got them to get this (because it is about $600 and weighs 17kg):

I find ‘molecular gastronomy’ a little bit of a wank (“you need a sous vide!, you need a thermomix!, you must deconstruct your hamburger!”) but this book is amazing, especially the photos of cooking processes in action:

I agree with the comment above, Universal Principles of Design is a great book. It touches on all aspects of design – graphic, industrial, advertising, architecture, etc. It even goes into the psychology of design and why people gravitate towards certain designs and others do not. I also enjoy how the authors include references to additional research papers and/or books on the subject at hand.

Donald Norman’s two books: The Design of Everyday Things and Emotional Design: Why We Love (or Hate) Everyday Things.

Graphic Design: The New Basics by Ellen Lupton and Jennifer Cole Phillips

If you enjoy reading the business side of design, I would encourage you to check out The Design of Business by Roger L. Martin. Martin is the current Dean at Rotman School of Business in Toronto. He has some pretty influential friends and includes them in his book (high profile people from such companies as RIM, Herman Miller, IDEO, and Johnson & Johnson). The book centers on design thinking about how to approach certain problems using creativity. Good examples used in the book. A little technical at the beginning though, but nothing extreme.

Fast Company Magazine: Although not a book, Fast Company is a pretty solid magazine that infuses design and business. There are some pretty engaging articles in the magazine. Check of which is the company’s design and innovation focused part of the magazine/website.
Azure Magazine - is another solid magazine for interiors, architecture, and design.

coffeekicker :smiley:

thanks CoffeeKicker, some great suggestions!
Just ordered The Design Of Business :slight_smile:

Appledesign - approx. $300 new or used on Amazon (go for broke!)

  • documenting a lot of historic design languages utilized by Apple’s design team and also provides readers with a lot of historical insight into the early industrial design struggles internally.

Apple Design (note the difference) - aprox. $40 on Amazon

  • have not read this one

Defying Gravity: The Making of Newton - approx. $40 on Amazon

  • documents the design and development of the Newton Message Pad handheld PDA/Computer. This, in my opinion, should be mandatory reading for ANYONE who will be involved in product development in any discipline. The frantic pace, insane deadlines, unending work days, pressure-pressure-pressure, successes, failures, etc. - it’s all in here supported by great photo journalism.

Manufacturing process for design professionals - Rob Thompson

Design is a Job - Mike Monteiro

Should be required reading for all designers of all types (ID, GD, Web Design, etc.) Well worth money.

wanting this: