Such a thing as too feature/USP packed?

EDIT: Reworded the question based on initial answers and looking for a more general conversation rather than single topic.

I work for a small company and we have succeeded so far by packing features into our products that our competitors do at much higher price points. It works well. However, I wonder if there is an overkill point? A point at which stuffing technologies and USPs into a product actually make it worse.

For example, say I am working on a wireless speaker. Should it include DLNA, Apple Airplay, NFC, Bluetooth, Wireless hotspot, 3.5mm LineIn and a whole host of ways to connect. Or is simply too much?

Of course, a lot of these connection methods overlap on devices that would be used to connect to a speaker. Is there an element of it all leading to confusion and a cluttered and complex user interface? Should there be more focus on a target audience that has specific needs or is it ok to make a product to please all?

Im looking for examples of products that have been too feature packed, and as a result have failed. I know when I studied I had a lecture about products that have been too feature packed and failed, then were re-released as technically worse off products, but were far more successful. Unfortunately, ive forgotten what the examples were…

Im also wondering if there is a point customers don’t want to pay for features they wouldn’t use/need. For example, would someone look at the feature packed example speaker above and say “I don’t need Bluetooth, im not paying for a function I wouldn’t use”.

Any advice and input welcome. Im aware this is a very wide and difficult topic to discuss so I hope ive across clearly. If not, feel free to give me verbal abuse and I will try to clarify.


I’d say that I agree with your boss.

I have a jambox and would love to be able to run sound from my apple tv with it.

A feature rich product which is an obvious success is the swiss army knife. Better to have the options than not. Think 128 hours. That guy needed a good knife.

You are both right. A range of products from feature light targeted entry level to a feature packed do-it-all model is what you need in the shelf.

Thanks Azrehan and engio for your answers. Ive reworded the question so to get a better idea and general conversation going rather than focussing on a single topic thats unrelated to general products. Thanks for the feedback!