such a cool site, if your into ww2 aircraft oddites

click on the mfg of intrest, then click again on the thumb nail for lots of details. What blew me away being a ww2 airplane nut is I had not a clue 90% of these existed. Most were just “designs” some made it to prototype but still the breath of thought is amazing. Its easy to see why in the waining days of ww2 everybody went whole hog on scooping up the aero and rocket guys.


I have a life long obsession with WWII aircraft as well and will definitely check this out. Thanks!

ok Zip, not you’ve started it… .

The Dornier Do-335 Pfeil (Arrow)

HAS to be the most amazing aircraft developed during World War II … including the Messerschmitt Me262 jet.

Certainly the fastest piston-engined/prop-driven aircraft built during the era, with an all out speed of 474 mph it outpaced the P51 Mustang by almost forty miles per hour … and could attain 350 mph under single engine power.

Historical YouTube Footage

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