Successful Chinese designs?

Is the future design process in understanding local behaviour or global markets?

I have just finshed a dissertation research project with the above title. I used contemporary Hong Kong design as a case study. In HK I saw some designers (across all disciplines) who successfully take inspiration from local culture.

I don’t want to start another anti/pro-Chinese design debate, but I’m curious to know what people think about Chinese product design TODAY.

Some examples of work you’ve seen would be nice.

I dont know if this would be useful to you, but ill post it anyway.
Giorgio Armani talks about Eastern elements in his designs.

I also recently read something about Swedish-Chinese co-operation in Industrial Design.

There was a good thread last month about this. I shared my thoughts then.

maybe i can help you.
this websit is discussed chinese design

Yea I think chinese design is @ the same level as indian design but indian design involves more steel.

check this link

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Huh where?

a bbs of design in china

You do realize that the website is in frames right?

I’m sure GM is thrilled about this one.

GM Spark

Chery QQ made by Chery Automobile Co in China