get a coroflot account. No one wants to see the rest of those pictures… and the pics with you holding the pipe? Wow, axe those!

Yo yo, I’d like to hear what you really think. I’ll remember to be less lax about presentation next time, didn’t mean to force some terrible photos on you!

Much better, I don’t want to see pics of you in a Hollister TShirt, sorry.


Angles are a bit wonky, like your lens is physically too close to the object. It is hard to see scale


If this pipe is for what I think its for, its a bit risky putting it in a professional protfolio. Amorphic form is super fun to make, but also pretty easy. With no symetry to worry about, the forms just run all over the place. There is no different scale of details. I’d like to see some process. Where there sketches? Study models, or was it a few pieces of laminated wood you want to town on?

Personally I like the idea of designing a “Tobacco” pipe. There is a lot of material there in terms of the type of person that smokes a pipe and the rituals associated with it. How does this design address those?

Check out these pipes by Porsche Design.

if you are intent on creating an amorphous volume, you may want to look at this book: Elements of Design

it talks about Roweena’s methodology for defining shapes and movements (very bried synopsis). this is the basis for the Pratt 3D curriculum…