Subaru B9 Tribeca...the next Aztek?

While I agree with you Bryce, Subbie has connections with Alfa and aviation. Subaru recently hired the top designer from Alfa to be their design director.


Certainly looks a bit more ‘integrated’ vs. the Tribeca execution, but I still prefer the previous STI.

Saw the Tribeca on the road a few days ago. It’s not as bad as in picture, but not stunning either.

The nose of the tribeca is U L G Y…thats right, UGLY! The “copy and paste” of this front end to the Imprezza is not good. Granted, it looks better on the Imprezza, but it still does not look good.

On the Pontiac note, in 2001 they left the “bolt on” plastic that looked to be running boards put on the wrong way. The Vibe came out in 2001 and was the first step away from the “old” Pontiac. Every car since then has been in the new direction (G6 and Solstice). Personally, I liked the more sculpted intake and lights on the 01-04 Vibe better than the G6/Solstice treatment (still good though). I think that GM should have followed that direction.

Either way, Pontiac is headed in the right direction…Subaru is heading into the “aztek” not good direction…

wasn’t Zapatinas moved from Alfa to Subaru?..dunno if he is still in there

I believe he is still there.

I’m starting to like the new STi…when compared to the 04-05’s…and even the “bug-eyes” of 02-03, the new front minimalizes the previous “big mouth” found on the front…and slims it down a bit.

Some of the new pics of the STi from the Car and Driver Indy event with Petter Solberg came out nice.

I do kind of wish they left out the triangular break up in the middle…but I realize that is their new identity. If they left it out it would be too similar to the Evo :slight_smile:

ok Yo…i was not sure but he must be still in subaru for me too.
anyway :

Tribeca will not be the most elegant car of the next century…sure…new Impreza looks fine better than the ugly front is now on our roads.


the really funny things about the aztek is that it looks like it has two hoods. If you look at one from the front and use your hand to block it so you only see one at a time they are actually not that bad by themselves. The rear end however is unforgivable.

While I’m not a fan of the new look Subaru is going after I’m at least happy to see a Japanese car maker going in a different direction from the sameness you see in the lineup from Honda, Toyota, and Nissan. I remember an article a while back where road and track drove an accord, a camry, an altima, and a malibu through Cali with the logos covered up and people honestly couldn’t tell the difference when they stopped to ask tourists.

At least with Subaru you can know immediately what it is. For those that are looking for something different it might be a good fit. Otherwise you could go the used Isuzu route and try some of their stranger designs.

Does anyone else see some Pontiac GT?

I’m a subaru owner…why? because of its utilitarian aspects, not so much styling although I hated then loved the booby lights on the the original WRX as compared to the current front styling, this is just me but can I say “bitter beer face” it just looks scruntched.

The tribeca does have that aztek feel, the whole rhino nose, and it really does just look like a Subi’ body kit to the Porche.

I’m not sure if my opinion counts though…I loved the Element.

Well, maybe I’m not the only one…

Did you ever see “mission to mars” - a low budget movie taking place in the future? It was funny because that isuzu is the car they drove in the future - they obviously didn’t have the budget to get their own futuristic car made - what’s with that thing/horn sticking out of the hood, I try to look away, but can’t!

While I had to laugh at the artice in the jalopnik blog, I have to say that the flying fallopian tubes and female reproductive grill, have grown on me. I saw one on the roads, and I have to say that it looked very different and pleasant. I hated it at first when seeing internet pics, but it is quite fetching in the flesh.