stupid question about photoshop....

how can i just stroke a single line? i cant seem to figure out a way to stroke an open path. i dont want just a straight line, but a curvy one.

Im sure its something easy, but for some reason i cant seem to figure it out. :frowning:

use the path component selection tool (black arrow, shortcut key-A). click on path layer to show all paths in the layer, click line to stroke by above tool, right click and say stroke subpath

is that for illustrator?

if i try and use the black arrow to select the path, it will only highlight all of the anchors in the path itself, I cant select certain parts of the path.

You can’t stroke a portion of a path, on the entire path. One work around is to make a selection area and then stroke the path. That way, only the path that is inside the selected area will actually stroke. You can also use feathering to make the stroked path fade out at the ends. That’s good if you are trying to add highlights to a form.

Not sure if this is what you’re looking for:

Create your path using the pen tool (p), and make sure that the paths option is highlighted and not the shape layer option. These are boxes at the top left when the pen tool is active. You want the one that is a square with 4 anchor points and the pen inside of it.

In the same palette as your layers, there should be a paths palette. If not go to window>paths. At the bottom of this palette, there is a circle that will stroke your new path with whatever the current brush is. You need to change your brush settings to whatever you want them to be before you stroke your line.

You can save this path by naming it, and later come back to it to load it as a selection, re-stroke it, etc.

Hope this helps