Stupid Auto Sketch Technique -- FOOSE

From Chip Foose - the stupidest auto sketch technique - no comment on the redesign of the DeLorean. See the YouTube video:
Bringing the DeLorean DMC-12 back to the future? | Chip Foose Draws a Car - Ep. 17 - YouTube start at about 2.5 minutes in.

That is so funny. I can’t believe it.

I find the technique interesting, but it makes me think that Foose must have some other job that paid better to skip doing two views of this one.

Design wise, kinda sad. I like Foose, but he made it look like a Fuego front and a forgettable rear.

I think it’s cool, focusing on one end keeps the other end out of focus surprisingly well, even looking at a tiny thumbnail on mobile.

We should start a sketch meme - what else could be sketched this way? Shoe? Couch? Toaster?

My mom recently dug out a book of cars I drew up when I was 6 and I’m pretty sure I employed this technique a lot. Even threw in an ortho top drawing stuck to the roof. Pretty sure I had seen papercraft books and figured that’s how things would look unfolded. Clearly I was ahead of my time.

Mike: It sounds like Picasso drawing a car. I did the same thing.

On another note, I dreamed that I hired Foose to customize a car last night. I remember telling him it was a '57 Chevy, but I know it wasn’t. Maybe a '50 Studebaker or '50 Ford…I seem to remember that bullet grille. I got upset, because he insisted on putting a 6.0L + V8 in it and refused to work on it if I didn’t agree. Then I dropped the Ford project and told him to customize a 914, but I told him he couldn’t take those front turn signals off. He seemed OK with that demand. At the end of the dream, I dropped all the projects and drove home in a '95 Honda del Sol, which magically got a B16 engine while I was driving it.

Vivid dream my friends!

Ha, time-saver! But no, terrible. Better to do two disconnected detail drawings, one showing just the front, the other the rear, and a quick sketch to show proportioning from the side. Or just the two complete views in correct perspective. I agree we need to retain some childlike sensitivity but it can be stretched a bit too far…

Tried doing that view in Blender.
(model credit to nazg-gul)

artur83 wins the Forum for today!

This whole thing is an exercise in remembering to tell yourself “Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”