Stunning Toys

Dont know if any of you have come across Take-g before, i found the site a few years ago looking for examples of wooden toys for a GCSE school project!

Not sure whether you can buy any of them, but still, they are amazing!

I did a post of those a while back, but I’m glad to see them again. Those are some of the most amazing art toys I have ever seen. I’d love to know more about the processes they use, etc. I have no idea how you’d make one of these things…

I remember the first time these were posted, and seeing them for the second time was just as inspiring.

I’m tempted to buy these for my (future) children, but I would end up putting them in a display case instead.

yeah, seen this a while ago but damn its amazing.
After looking through his blog there are some cool progress shots…

I had done a quick search but hadn’t turned anything up so I posted a new thread, the the day after I found the other one…bummer!

As for the process it seems to be just gluing together the different coloured blocks, although Im not sure this process is entirely true of some of the larger pieces.

well of course they are just glued together blocks. but the whole idea that he is assembling a framework so that when he turns and sculpts the assembly he achieves these amazing figures is quite stunning.

The toys are really look nice and cool. That was a great work over the toys. By the way I use to collect toys of different varieties. Especially I love Godzilla toys which is my favorite action figure.

Such amazing, intricate details in these. I don’t think I’d want to let kids use them as toys, though. They’re too nice.