Studying An Ma (masters) In Product/Industrial Design

I am looking to study an MA in product design. I currently have a great product design job but have always wanted to further my studies. So basically I would like to hear peoples thoughts on the pros and cons of studying an MA in the field of product/industrial design. Whether you’ve studied, are studying, are looking to study, or even if you haven’t studied an MA.


Usually an MA’s ( Master of Art ) are one year program as opposed to MFA ( Master of fine art ) which are 2 years. I don’t know any schools that have an MA in I.D. Most schools have MFA , Master of I.D or Master of science that will range from 2 years to 3 years. It would probably help if you could tell us what field of I.D you are interested in…

There has been a lot of posts that tackle your questions, a simple search would go a long way…

Afaik MA and MFA are just letter combination, and there’s nothing that an employer would get hang up on. Most - if not all - masters courses in UK are MA. It is correct that it is 1 year - but it’s one full very intense year, with no summer holidays, so in terms of credits I think it amounts to 2 regular years anyway.

I think if you have a BA, and real world work experience, a Masters degree will help you advance into strategy and management. You can probably get there without it as well, but a higher degree will not hurt and may warrant a higher salary.