Studying Abroad (outside of the US) - anyone have advice?

I’m studying Industrial design and Human Computer Interaction at Carnegie Mellon and I really want to study abroad to gain a different perspective on design, especially from a college which emphasizes drawing, and less of the CMU style of teaching just for a change.

Has anyone studied abroad and have any recommendations for what schools to look into? I’m looking into going abroad Fall 2009 or Spring 2010. I specifically am looking into shoes, transportation, and concept art/entertainment design(like for movies and games and stuff).

Any information would help.

Maybe I should be more specific.

Specifically, I’m looking for a university that teaches a different ideology than Carnegie Mellon University, more specifically, aesthetically focused schools (like Art Center, Umea). Even more specifically, a school that is well known for their drawing skills, as that is the main area I wish to improve upon.

I’ve contacted Coventry, which I don’t know a lot about, but haven’t received anything other than a standardized response.

And I realized that I typed the exact same thing without going into specifics without realizing it.

Countries? UK or Japan or Australia or Taiwan, because I actually speak those languages (English, Jap, Chinese). But apparently some schools not in those countries have english-based programs as well, WHICH I WOULD LIKE TO KNOW ABOUT IN CASE YOU KNOW ABOUT IT.

Have you looked at Northumbria - BA Design For Industry or Central Saint Martins - BA Product Design, they sounds like the kind of courses that’ll suit you.

St.Martins has its fair share of international students, I think it’s the fact that you’re bang in the centre of London. I think it may even have a section on its website for international students looking to do what you want to do.

If you have any further questions just ask.

quite a few students from CMU have studied at CSM and they said the workload there is pathetic (about 1/5 of CMU’s workload), and that’s really not what I’m looking for. I want a really intensive studio based program.

I checked with Northumbria and it seems study abroad students can only take certain modules that aren’t even part of the core modules of the DFI or Transportation degrees.

This is the page they gave me for module selection:

I want to study in Fall, so according to this I can only take two courses and neither of them interest me much. What’s up with this?

Maybe I should look into another country…

If all you want is a different perspective to design approach, then it is not necessary to go abroad. Like you mentioned, schools like Art Center and CCS are heavily style driven.

If you want to go abroad, I suggest plan for a longer stay. It’s not worth going somewhere for just a short period of time, not for the superficial cultural experience, and certainly not for the money.

You can also get as much as you can now, and plan for grad degree in Umea. Their grad degree is in English, so you don’t have to meet their Swedish language requirements.

Tangerine - just checked that link and think I understand if a bit more now, is it to due with you only being there for one semester? The majority of the classes (including the better ones) go on for the whole year.
So i think it may be more beneficial for your if you stay longer, if your at Northumbria and in the 3rd year you’d also get the chance to go on placement. Could stay in UK or where ever, quite a few people go and do a placement in Hong Kong which is cool.
Would be easier to find a place to live too.
And you’d get to know people better.

But I’m not sure, i might be wrong…