studying 3D animation + studying productdevelopment > mat

Hi !

At the moment i’m studying integrated product development, after my bachelor i still have to study 2 more years.

Recently I bumped into a study I didn’t know it existed. It’s digital art and entertainment. In this study you will learn:

  • programming (websites etc.)
  • making 3D animations
  • creativity training
  • sketching
  • video
  • graphics

Do you guys think that this study will make my diploma of bachelor in productdevelopment stronger? Because I don’t want to be this 3 years of hard work for nothing…

I think…


  • maybe in professional life I could take care of the presentation of products for maybe design studios?
  • I think I will really like this study


  • my technical knowledge will be soso, I can just make things look cool, and that’s not enough
  • 3 years is a long time to study this, and maybe it isn’t worth it…

I’m doubting…

Hi There, i think that by taking this extra course you may confuse yourself, Product development and animation are 2 very wide areas. 3D and animation have their own specialised courses,best perhaps from Sheridan, Toronto. Why take up so many streams when you can invest your time in being the super specialist in your current interest. Also do remember, that its time when creative industry wants us to be Jack of all trades but master of “one”…

Do you want to be an animator or a designer?

do what you love.

however, putting together presentations like that means you polish someone else’s turds. “making it look pretty” will mean your input in the design and function will be minimal at best. i see a danger of becoming over-specialized and a luxury to some corporation or firm. when times get tight, your abilites and training may be considered overhead and disposable when budgets get tight.

having the ability to work all sides of design makes you more valuable and you will have a wider range of skills you can utilize.

at first thanks for the replies!

why i wanted to do it? hmm i just don’t want to drown in the mass, i want to develop skills and make myself as complete as possible. Cause i know i’m not the best in designing, i’m not the best in sketching, i’m average in all things, so i thaught it’s good to specialize…

But i think my plan will be the next:

  • finish my master in product development
  • i will take lessons at the animation school, but maybe only for one or two years, and just take the lessons that make me more complete as a designer, not to be an animator…

But not sure yet in which order… cause variation is nice =)