Study in Austria/Germany?

I’m mostly interested in studying in Austria, since I like (and know) the country a bit more and it feels slightly more liberal than Germany, however it doesn’t mean that Germany is out of the ecuation. I’m curious to hear if there are any complaints with regards to the way design is teached there. :slight_smile:

I can recommend FH Joanneum in Graz.
I think they teach in a very international manner, with great results.

How about Pforzheim University?

To be quite honest, I never got any recommendations. Initially I was looking for the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, or the Wiener Kunstschule and Kunstuniversitat Graz . These are the only ones I heard.
I have to say, German language isn’t a issue for me, the only issue left is to see how well I pass the Deutsches Sprachdiplom (DSD) and see if I’m a B2 or a C1.
Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll check them out as well.

Hi, I usually don’t post comments. But, I had to say this was a really good post. Great site!

Austria is not necessary more “liberal”. If you go to north germany it is VERY liberal, the south less. And at the end, it dipends a bit on what exactly you are looking for. I wouldnt make a difference of those 2 countries as they are more similar then you think.

Maybe somebody is still looking for schools in austria, here you go:
In Austria, regarding product design, there are about 4 schools as far as I know.

die angewandte in vienna
more experimental/artsy approach i guess

Kunstuni in Linz
they make a point of having a strong relation to bionic design

and the two fachhochschulen- which means they are more “school-like” set cirruculum and timetable. Both are very practical oriented with a lot of work with industry partners
FH joanneum in Graz (as mentioned before)
FH Salzburg, near to Salzburg at the campus in Kuchl