Study ID after engineering school

Hello, I’m now studying in an engineering school in France, and my main subject is about materials and structures.
I studied Industriel Design last year when I was an exhange student in Sweden, and I’d like to continue studying in this area.
I’m also following courses in a school of arts : “les beaux arts”, to improve my skills in sketching… but I won’t be graduated in art.
I’m actually thinking of applying for a Master of Product Design, or something like that. I’m just wondering if I can apply for it, although I’m not graduated in art. And maybe you know nice countries where fees are free for foreign student…
Thank u


hi …
me also searchin 4 a school tu get admission 4 MS in industrial design in Europe(me an Indian)…dont hav ne background as in in designing…just ursuing my Electrical eng…final yr.,…so in case u got ne info 2 share …plz do…regarding SChols at such schools…kind of portfolio required(dont hav many projects tu tuck in…but do have few sketches tu),regarding how much Recos from proffs matter…my mail id is