Study, Age and Employment

Hi All,

I am a visual artist who has maintained a moderately successful practice for seven years since graduating with honours. I have become somewhat disillusioned with my potential future on the path of a fine artist. I always knew it would be a lot of work but what i didn’e count on was the precariousness of fashions in art and the need to network, know the right people, etc. to gain success.
I am looking to make a career change and i like the idea of applying my creativity in an environment and within a framework in which i can observe tangible progression and success, accompanied by a pay check (wow, i’m not used to that idea).

I live in Melbourne, Australia and i am 28. I would graduate at 33 or 34. Is this too late for me to make a success in ID?

At this stage i am interested in designing lighting, toys and possibly footwear.

Is there any security in ID, am i in a country that i would have to leave to find gainful emloyment? According to university information everything is roses, but i would like to hear from people actually working in the industry.

Any replies would be appreciated, Andrew (if you want to google my work type Andrew Atchison)

PMed you Andrew.