Study Abroad

Did you do it?
Do you recommend it?
Where do you recommend?

I did a search and couldn’t find another recent thread on it.

At the time I was in school RISD had several European study programs, some of them you did not even have to be a RISD student to sign up for (as long as you can pay)

They had Painting in Ireland.
Architecture in Rome.
ID in Milan.

I did the ID in Milan which was like a 10 week course, it was great.

I spent 8 months in Spain as a swing studio (Architecture and language)… best decision of my academic life.

Go for it if youre interested. You’ll never regret it.

I’m just finishing up a study right now in france. I think you’ll find most everyone will tell you to go for it, as i posted a similiar question a few months ago. And they are absolutely right. What I’ve gotten out of it personally and professionally I dont think i would have ever gotten in school. Its a simple answere, there is no reason not to do it. If your school doesnt have a program, which mine didnt either, you can find jobs or exchanges through some websites, or just try going through another school. I actually found mine posted on my schools website a year after graduating.


where did you study in France?

My wife is french and I always pondered going back for another design degree there someday… care to share some of your experience?

I really want to go to France, too. Any suggestions?

I’m doing a one month ID course split between London and Milan this July. I’m a senior in mechanical engineering hoping to get into a product design firm when I graduate. I thought this would give me a taste of the studio life ID’ers go through.

Any tips or advice? I’ve been to London but never to Italy, so I’m a little nervous about not knowing Italian.