Study Abroad... where?

I’m currently a college student looking to study abroad. My school offers a program for ID students in Norway. From the various google searches I’ve done, it seems like Norway is a pretty good place to go, especially for ID, but why?

or am I wrong?

So what are your opinions, where are the “best” places to go?


If you’re willing to study in europe, Norway is indeed a good place but so is danemark and sweden (for furniture, umea for transpotation & interaction). Netherlands has a fantastic reputation and very good schools (more experimental). Uk is a classic, and Germany has also very respectable schools (offenbach, pforzheim, berlin,köln…). From my own experience, I’d say forget about france, spain or italy.

In no particular order: << I studied my exchange year there, great installations, ridiculously cheap and awesome city
Gerrit Rietveld Academie

but this is just my opinion, hope it helps!

oh, are you danish?

Hey thanks for all the info!
I’ll check out those links.