StudioTools User Forum

Hi All,

Does anyone know a good user forum for Alias StudioTools?

I am running into some difficulties and need to get answers on the software.

Thanks and regards,


the Alias website is the best place to get answers.

I’ll check it out.

Try posting some questions here, some of us may be able to answer them.

I’ve yet to find a forum dedicated to Alias. Like the previous poster mentioned, might have better luck posting it here!

I once asked about version 9.7 and no one replied. Am I too old school?

The Alias website is not bad. Or the Software & Techonology forum here. Or or the Digital Modeling forum on

i dont know of any forum where every question gets answered. but Alias has been improving imo. why not ask Alias? if you’re a customer they’re more likely to answer that then asking me.