studiotools reflect question (applies in rhino too )

using studiotools, i am trying to reflect a surface using layer symmetry. when i do, the resulting surface buckles inward or outward on the axis. i want to create a symmetrical form with a smooth transition by reflecting it using layer symmetry. i have tried editing the original surface (square surface) and done some c.v. pulling in attempting to correct this, it has not worked. i am guessing the way to fix this is to draw a short straight line/connect a narrow straight surface between the reflecting axis and the part being reflected (if that made any sense). anyhow, if any of you have had this probelm and have any solutions, i would love hearing from you !

a quick sketch below shows an example of what i am trying to do and what is happening

Are you sure it is not an interface bug? a quick render would reveal the real thing. However, I have never heard of that problem, but my approach to get nice transition is to create a temporary straight surface (single curved) on the “mirror” side, and then build the real surface with curvature towards it. then delete the temp surface.

What continuity constraint have you applied to the edge of the surface that lies on the plane of symmetry (the centerline)? It should be “Implied Tangent.”

Are you trying to model everything in one surface, including the rounded edge? You may have better luck modeling most of the surface, but leaving an opening where the two curved lines meet at the symmetry plane. Then surface this area separately by projecting curves, trimming, and creating a 4-sided surface (square). Make sense?

Or you can use a higher degree curve and model across the centerline (plane of symmetry), then trim the surface back at the plane of symmetry and turn on layer symmetry. I think this is technically the “correct” Class A way. It will produce smoother curvature plots across the centerline. Just have to be sure your curve is symmetrical on both sides.

This problem usually occurs when the continuity of the surface edge lying along the symmetry axis is not prepared correctly. This edge should be prepared for tangent continuity (via impled tangent, tangent to a helper surface, or by hand). Symmetry along the axis of symmetry can also be corrected with the Object Edit > Symmetry Plane Align tool.

But often main surfaces crossing a symmetry axis are indeed also build in one piece to avoid at best highlight distortion in that area.

If you still need help with your file, posting the offending surface here would probably make it easier for helping you.