StudioTools interface

havent used ST since 9.0 and d/l’d the release 12 PLE. the ST interface seems clunky to me… even this new version. and some tools (like Multi-Surface Draft) seem non-intuitive (Pro/e seems so simple in comparison). was hoping for something more. not sure what. but something. is it just me? anyone else feeling this way?

They need a major UI overhaul. Too much IRIX legacy and not enough attention paid to conventions. They need to take a look around… It’s getting hard to even FIND three button mice these days.

ive only briefly sat down in front of alias and i get frustrated quite fast being used to pro/e and max. with the power of ISDX im wondering if i should even sit infront of alias again (unless of course a job requires it)

For me, it’s just the opposite. I’ve used Alias for years, and have become accustomed to the UI. I’ve just recently tried to pick up Wildfire, and have really struggled with it. I guess it’s really hard to criticize one UI vs. the other until you’re equally fluent in both packages.

heh. good point. its funny…i remember back when i first started using CAD and things seemed to happen so much more fluidly (as far as learning goes).
Seems like now that ive got deep enough into things, finding my way back to the surface isnt as easy. I’ve always though one important thing about computer-aided-whatever was getting good at finding out how to do what you dont know how to do (if that makes sense). There are so many different tools that you can accomplish quite a bit in different platforms.
for a long while i was worried that not knowing StudioTools was going to be a big problem once i went out to find my second job, so thats why ive been tooling around with the PLE. But i think ive realized that jobs that insist on specifics around CAD (“must be proficent in studiotools 12.34234”, instead of “knowledge of solid and surface modeling”) are mostly looking for CAD monkeys. The tools dont make the designer, but they do enable em and any tool can be learned.

its like the PC v. Mac thing. ppl tend to prefer what they are comfortable with, thats why all the this app vs. that app stuff makes me laugh. just a tool.

True to a point, any tool can be learned to some extent, but mastery needs flair, and if you don’t have mastery of and flair in using your tools, you won’t be able to fully realise your vision.