StudioTools 12

… Saw the demo of Alias StudioTools 12 at IDSA National.

Very cool–the demo was around rapid ideation and was done entirely with the Wacom tablet-display. We’re definitely taking some big steps forward… It’s less about fighting the UI and more about rapid visualization (ie. sketch to curve-networks) in a natural context–including some kickass realtime shading.

Speaking as a user starting with Alias 5, all I can say is: finally!!
Comes out in a few weeks…Can’t wait.

Sounds cool! Going to see a demo in a week or two…should be interesting!

might have to get a Learning Edition to see whats up and get updated. it does sound interesting.

Alias has a list of V12 new features and improvements on their web site (click on “what’s new”). It includes a few flash live demos that are worth a look (a bit slow to load though).