Thinking back to my college days today when i saw an old project of mine…Im curious to see…anyone have pics of their studio spaces? I still have some of mine…ill post in a bit.

I miss this place…I cant find more pics right now, but a few of us made the area into a lounge with a couch, coffee table, tv, fridge, microwave, in a few words… it was THE BALLS.

Anyone have a sweet studio space?

i dont have any pics online (the only way to post images is through a website, right?) but our studios are HORRIBLE! i go to auburn. we are confined to small classrooms, off-white walls, NO windows to the outside…it’s like prison. when we started removing the tiles from teh drop ceiling to reveal the duct work and maybe try to make the place a little more inspirational we got reprimanded and were forced to put everything back the way it was…our architecture building has a creative atmosphere…it makes students from other majors WANT to go see what’s going on in there. by the end of the semester when the walls are plastered with sketches and models, its not so terrible, but overall our spaces suck. I visited quite a few schools on the east coast looking for the right place to go for ID, i think va tech had the best setup.