Studio Tools Question - .ALS Files

Does anyone knows about this type of file *.ALS ?

Everytime I apply a map file StudioTools creates a bunch of .ALS files in the map folder (= any folder containing a mapped file).
How can I get rid of these whithout having to delete them every once in a while (it could get to 2000 :? files in a week!)

Thanks in advance!

.als is an image format from alias days of old. it also goes by the name .pix and will open in fcheck and photoshop (with the appropriate plugin).

i suspect you don’t need to create these images. my first guess is that you’re using the “convert solid texture” tool to change a volumetric procedural texture to a set of surface uv file textures.

you shouldn’t need to do this. if you’re animating an object and want the texture to travel with the geometry, turn on the 3d placement icon by clicking on the square in the lower right corner of the texture preview in the multilister. pick the 3d placement object and group it with the model under the animated node.

if not, then try to explain your mapping process in more detail.

okay, my mistake. i wasn’t using v11 enough to find out about this particular issue til now. it seems studio supports jpeg files for texture mapping by converting the file to alias format. this is probably where you’re getting all those .als files in your pix folder.

i’ve also seen them show up in my temp folder in my Documents and Settings. and even for files that aren’t jpeg format. weird.

my solution: use an alternate format such as tiff. if you do find yourself with a studio file where the mapping is to temp files, here’s a tip - you can change the assigned texture (and image) map paths in File > Show > File references.