Students of Product Design Youtube series

Hey everyone, for a while now I’ve been working on a series of videos about the product design process on YouTube, to help students. There aren’t enough videos about product design on YouTube, so I’m trying to add a few. I’d love some feedback on the first three:

sometimes I wish we had a “Like” button on here! Great stuff.

I shared these videos around my department all last semester, they’re really great!

Thank you!

You Sir are an inspiration. Please keep up the brilliant work.
As for feedback; I see more of your personality come through with each video. Things like the ‘make, sketch, render repeat’ jingle is gold and adds a engaging personal touch.

Yo, many thanks for the imaginary thumbs up, tick or what-ever the core graphics department would come up with if they did create a like button.

Apowers, thank you for sharing my series with your peers, that means a lot.

Footloosegups, I watched the first three back to back for the first time last night and totally agree, I’m starting to get the hang of it a bit more. I’m not sure I will ever be totally comfortable with my face all over the video’s, but If I don’t use the footage of me talking, I have to find other footage to match the voiceover, which is really hard. I’ll definitely keep including personal touches and you’ve given me something to think about for the next video.

This is awesome, Product Tank! Thanks for putting these together. I love the innovation in the vegetable peeler…it would be interesting aesthetically and ergonomically if it was held in your palm (versus pinched with the fingers). Pressure from the palm could pull down the curvature of the blade arms.

Keep it up! Looking forward to more.


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Hey KenoLeon, thanks, that’s great feedback. I need to invest in a lapel mic! I did my research and bought a shotgun microphone as its supposed to cover more situations, but now with the style of this series the lapel mic would be a lot better. That’s the thing, often I’m too close to my projects and can’t see the wood for the trees. Cheers for the links too, will definitely check them out.

This is great, bravo!

Hi all, here’s episode 4 hot off the press:

Keno, I will be changing the background and revising the wardrobe, but it was too hot for a turtle neck and I had already done some filming for this episode with the black background so kept it, but will definitely be ordering a different backdrop soon and i’m sure my Steve Jobs impression isn’t far off (I’ve notice some alarming grey creeping into the beard)!

I’ve gone a bit cheesy at the end of this one, but would like to know what everyone thinks, not enough content, too much, needs more enthusiasm etc? PT

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This is brilliant, Product Tank!

Keep ‘em comin’ :slight_smile:


Ha, definitely a Tank top!

@Pb - hopefully a few things in the video will help you with your training shoe design, you can’t beat observing how the light works on the materials on existing shoes, there’s always prior art!

These are great! I came across the first few a couple weeks back on Youtube - fun and informative for students like myself. Can’t wait to see more of what you’ve got to share!

Hey guys, here’s the next episode:

A few people have mentioned that the sound is a bit quiet, I am having a few technical difficulties, bizarrely after I upgraded to windows 10, but there’s not much I can do at this point, so as always will try to improve everything in the next episode

Great work and thanks. I often find myself looking on youtube and realizing how few sketching/id/design videos there are and how few likes they get. Here’s some feedback on episode 4 like you requested.

  1. I think you need to closeup on you. I feel like you’re falling off the screen/too much background. Similar to what Keno said. Closeup on min 9 with the cornflake on your nose was more engaging.
  2. I read that 4-6 minute videos are more efficient for people to see, enjoy or click on. This one felt a bit long.
  3. You touched on inspiration, technical skills, company branding styling cues, and you showed 2 product renderings. I think this could have been 3-4 separate shorter videos easily.
  4. I liked you sketching video. It’s amazing how many kids now a days don’t value or have not learned how to properly sketch or have ideation sessions. Thank you for spending the time to create this videos.
  5. Regarding enthusiasm. Well, it is kind of slower and mellow but I enjoyed it. A nice break from the typical over-the-top youtube videos that are loud and change frames every 3 seconds to keep you engaged. Maybe just bump up the sound.

Thanks again.


Thanks modern man

FH13 thanks for the great feedback, you’ve given me a lot of good stuff to think about, I was thinking of possibly making longer videos, but it will be a lot easier to make shorter ones (with close-ups)!

These are all awesome, thank you for taking the time to make these!!! I’m learning and refreshing so much.

I especially benefitted from you addressing (in episode 02) the same two solutions/problems a designer comes up with; a pre-existing solution that a user doesn’t know about, or something more service based. I really wish that was discussion about how to get around that back when I was in school, so thank you for bringing that up.

Throughout the series, especially in episode 02, I also gained a better insight about what it really means to design with empathy, something that gets talked about a lot in design thinking, and that you vividly demonstrated it with just a few moments with your grandmother and created user persona.
I could tell, because it was personal and someone you are comfortable with, that you were very inspired and passionate when you worked on those projects, and as a result created brilliant and beautiful solutions. Meeting with people and listening to their stories is something I personally really need to work on, so this instilled a lot of confidence that that stage really is worth the effort.

I could go on and on, so thanks again, looking forward to the next one(s)!

Amazing videos Product Tank! I found them fun, informative and to the point. Keep them coming! . :smiley: