student who needs help

hi i am a student of BS . i have to do my final project .anybody can guide me which type of project should i have to do …

My attempt at guidence.

A senior project is pretty important, it will hopefully be biggest project in your folio and thusly will be instramental in getting you a job. I wouldn’t open that kind of thing to all of us monkeys bouncing around the forums here. I mean people could be suggesting digital ice cream scoopers that play mp3 files, are self cleaning, display family photos and have an alarm clock. I would pick a project for myself based on the following:

  1. what type of work do you want to be doing? If you want to work for sony, you should do consumer electronics, if you want to work for Smart Design you should do something for OXO, and so on.

  2. what do you enjoy, the senior project tends to be laborious, you want to pick something you love so you passion will carry you through the low momments

  3. do something versatile that will show off your skills. A dog collar for pet pomeranians that barks like a big dog to boost your pommie’s self confidence won’t have the universal appeal of something more broadly used. You want to show your design skills, not your ability to come up with somethin hairbrained. If you can bring great design and appropriate innovation to a simple banal product like a razor, or a pen, people will know you got game.

  4. do a digital ice cream scoopers that plays mp3 files, is self cleaning, display family photos and has an alarm clock.

That is excellent advice Yo. Count this post among all those other “thanks for the insight” posts :smiley: