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I am have just finished my first year of studying architecture and am using the summer break to design a website for my work. The problem is I have many designs however, I keep changing it due to the conflicting styles I have. I have designs which are “sleek” that represent the conventions of architecture quite well and others which are more “artistic”.
The latter represents my style and who I am. Im just worried if I go with the latter I’m going to produce a website which looks like one for a graphic design student than architectural student.
Ive always been unconventional in designing architecture and so going with the sleek look (seen in most architecture websites) always makes me think…hmm…this isnt 100% me.
What impression would you get of a architecture student which produced either style of website. If I did it in an artistic style would I be taken less seriously?

The most impressive outcome would be to figure out what is best for your “client”…the firm you are working with.

Are they conservative or a little edgy? What are thier clients like?

You can put your touches to the project, but don’t make it all about you, that would be for your own personal site.

my two cents

wow, I mis-read you post. It is your site. nevermind.