Student shoe concept

A different take on footwear design… This was a project for my 3-dimensional design class. We started the class by making abstract, gestural sketch models and then translated the gesture into a product.

thats pretty cool…reminds me of united nude mobius and also a bent cane chair that was done by someone form the Bauhaus. Whats the next step for you? did you get a grade on it? keep us posted

Nice, it reminds me of this European woman’s heels I saw a few weeks agot that where very deconstructed, I’ll try to dig up her site for you.

I haven’t gotten a grade yet… right now i’m working on putting together a process book and a final powerpoint presentation.

I havent been on the boards for months and this was refreshing to see. I think they are beautiful, its the kind of thing I want to go out and find a girlfriend to buy for. As an architect I appreciate the clarity of the deconstruction, the relationship between sharp edges and smooth ones. I am impressed.

My only advice would be to develop a more seemless relationship between the upper and the sole. In your earlier sketches the upper seemed or sinuous, the product does not reflect this, make it more raw.

I really like them. Could use a few more tweeks here and there but still, sexy.
I really like it when a women is wearing a pair of shoes that has a shape.
I hate, I just hate 'em :angry:

oh god uggz are the WORST

you ain’t said nothing but the truth!

How about some DIY shoes?

Everything developing!
DIY shoes are always fashion.

If you’d like to see a more complete description of the project, you can download my process book from

Check out Marloes ten bhomer, Very Very innovative footwear


wow wow wow, those are AMAZING!

nice work. i like your foot.

Check out Marloes ten bhomer, Very Very innovative footwear >

some of those are very interesting :open_mouth:

looks like it would be fun to design ladies shoes :smiley:

That’s the site I was thinking of