student portfolio in need of feedback/abuse

i’ve been resisting offering up my online portfolio for criticism out of fear of being torn apart. but i know it’ll be beneficial in the end, and i should get used to the abuse. so . . . tear it up.

I’m impressed. One thing I noticed. Although you have presented sketches you seem to be exploring 1 idea. The sketches explore some forms but overall there is just 1 idea presented.

Usually design directors look for someone who can come up with more than 1 solution. I’m will to be you have. Maybe you want to include a few of those instead on a couple of projects.

strange, nothing shows on my screen, just blank. Using IE on mac. maybe I’ll try tomorrow.

Works on Mozilla and IE on a pc

yeah i cant see it either…ie on a mac.

one more reason why I hate macs!!!

(lets not start a mac-pc batle)

I really like the creatures, the fish and the elephant are hilarious. you’re showing great expression in the creature drawings, but you’re losing it a bit in the ID drawings, it’s like you’re switching gears. Try to keep that free style in your design sketches, this might also help you generate more ideas.

Get Safari

Anywhoo, nice stuff kido. i really like the clean site that gets the viewer straight to the goods without any garbage 90 second flash intro. So off to a good start. Good sketches and models. Solid skillset.

If I where to change onething, it would be to let your sketches show more of the process. For example, there is on project, the home depot scanner do hicky, some good initial sketches, but what where some of the other solutions you explored, different ways to hold and store the unit etc (if you didn’t explore any, just make some up and spark them in there). Also it seems to go from a rugged looking rendering with a lot of curvature in the cross sections and detailing in the handle to a very slick simplified model, show us some sketches that document that aesthetic evolution. Was the more rectangylar cross section through the upper part to more tightly wrap the components? was the simplified handle done to reduce dirt buildup that would happen in that envirionment?

Good stuff dude. I only pointed out that knitpicky junk cause you ask for some abuse. If you adressed it you would have a tight little folio.

thanks for the positive comments, everyone.

loosen up my sketches = will do. i’ve been meaning to address that for a while because i find myself too hesitant to put pen to paper. but i’ll have tons of time next term to work on it, not being registered for studio classes and all.

more concepts/solutions and more process sketches = i’m on it. i’ll have to
find a lot of the sketches, i think. but what you said, laureng and yo makes sense.

and thanks for the heads up on the mac and internet explorer issue. i had totally forgotten to try viewing the site from a mac. anyone have any advice on how to fix it? i’ve never run into this problem before.


also on the menu with the mouseovers… when you mouseover, for example, 6 Acrylic Pencilholder, the image goes over the text… how about the same thing but with the text still showin

You have a really good portfolio…good luck!!

I don’t know how the whole working thing in the US is for you, but if you are looking for work in San Francisco, you should contact Zach at playground group. He’s a friend of mine and I think he would dig your style alot. Check it out and see what he thinks. … Good Luck.

Looks good. I love the display of your work. Only suggestion I would make is spicing up the main page. Just felt like it was missing something. Other than that, keep up the good work.

Like your stuff.Especially the panda

whoa. more positive comments and constructive criticism. good stuff.

dow317, i’m going back to school in january but i might give your friend’s place a try for the summer. thanks for the tip.

It shows nothing on my screen.
Have you taken it out for rework…?
Please check the same

Great portfolio and nice website!

On your resume: hang the bullets! In other words a second line of text under the same bullet starts at the same place the first line does. It just looks BAD to not do so. Also, use En dashes for the date ranges.

Not sure what’s up with all the ID folks out there. Y’all have the coolest stuff in your portfolios but I’ve never seen so many simple typography errors (not to mention spelling and grammar). I’m just a hack of graphic production artis, but you guys throw stuff up on your website and portfolios that I wouldn’t put in PowerPoint presentation for a PTA meeting.

Other than that – truly inspiring for an aspiring ID.