Student Portfolio Feedback

Hi! First post, but I’ve been reading for a little over a year now.

With such great feedback I’ve seen for student work, I thought I’d join the crowd and post my (nearly) finalized portfolio.

**Disclaimer: The last couple pages (bottle opener, footwear, etc) are tentative/flexible - I probably won’t include them with every application, but thought I’d throw them in to see what kind of feedback it would generate (want to know more? ax them completely? just footwear?).

Thanks in advance!

Issuu web PDF:

Tony welcome to the boards. Good to see a reader convert to a poster. I think the can opener is one of the more memorable pages. One thing I see a lot of lately is totally competent portfolios that don’t stand out. I think your work needs that next level of personality, emotiveness, and consumer connectivity:

I think Matthew Blunt, who recently graduated from Mass Art, is a good example:

I posted this in another portfolio feedback request as well:

[/quote] not to freak you out but this is what a 4th term student is doing at Art Center, I think 4th term is about the equivalent of midway through sophomore year there.

You see how you can just see how much fun he is having? How prolific he is? How the ideas are very visual even if the sketches are scratch? I think this is a very good bench mark set of work.[/quote]

Thanks for the comments Yo.

I see what you’re saying with those examples. I guess I try to steer away from visual density (in trying to create graphic hierarchy) which might result in a sort of diluted overall feeling. The last couple major edits I’ve done I’ve actually taken out a fair amount of stuff.

It’s definitely a challenge to get that balance of “only your best work”, “the important parts of the process” etc, without going overboard on content.

Really glad you pointed out the (lack of) emotion and a connection to the consumer - I think my miner’s respirator project could use a lot more of this. Maybe I could start with adding a page or two to some projects to beef up the content and give myself some room for some more people and emotion…

Hey Tony – good to see that you’ve been working hard on improving your stuff! It’s definitely a noticeable jump from the last time I looked at it with you…looking forward to what you can add this semester. As mentioned earlier, you have a great foundation set…now, it’s just making it stand out in a good way. From my experiences so far, companies receive loads of portfolios from a lot of different students, and there has to be that “x” factor for them to really keep you on their radar…whether it’s your layout, sketch style, personality, or any combination of things.

I know with my boss seeing so much stuff come through his email, it’s either trashed or saved based on those first initial glances through the portfolio. So for us to actually go forward with someone, they really do need to have some work that can hold it’s own based on some quick glances. You’ll have to take your time with this – probably go through some different ideas, see what others think and get feedback…I think you’ll know when you’ve found something that you’re confident with. Keep it up!

Thanks for the feedback Chris.

Although I’d love to act now, I think a lot of the criticism is sort of ‘big picture.’ Not sure if I have time this spring to really revamp before summer job hunting.

That being said, I definitely understand what you mean by the ‘x’ factor, quick glance value, etc. Every iteration of my portfolio has been a learning experience and I think this version has reached a benchmark that I set out to hit. Hearing the more general comments about the overall feeling gives me another benchmark to hit in the next iteration - I need to take it to that next level, as Yo said.

I’m feeling like completely starting over, but realistically, its gonna have to wait…

Thanks again man, hope you’re still doin well and good luck with the upcoming season!