student looking for power tool contacts

I am currently working on my senior thesis project and it is focused on the female demographic of DIY. I would like to put a request out there for advice and/or possible contacts at power tool companies.
Please help, as a student getting help from any of these companies has been really difficult.

I really don’t think you will. I’ve met/worked with some product managers from the industry and they seem to think women and power tools don’t go together.

I would recommend contacting someone at Barbara K instead:

Deez is spot on- you need to approach it research heavy. Research is always good to have for everyone in the industry. Since most design depts know that 99% of the aesthetic solutions that come out of college are going to be useless, I would suggest showing them something they dont have- hard data on elusive consumers.

@nydesignguy- those industry manager are thumbing their collective noses at a large part of their user base.
@Deez- wow that was an interesting k-state article to say the least

Trust me - I know! It pretty sad actually. These guys work at the company I am at right now. Every time I try and pitch product solutions for that demographic to those guys, its like deer staring at car headlights.