Student looking for criticism and feedback!

I’ve just wrapped up my sophomore year of ID and compiled a portfolio.
Any suggestions for improvement would really be appreciated.


I was wondering why PDF? Takes an age to download and for some reason wont open in my browser. Why not do a coroflot portfolio?

As for the actual folio. I’d put in a bit more info on what each page is actually about. I’m not really sure what parts of it are.

PDF causes easilly a illecal operation in browser

why does it take an eternity to open up?
gees! u think ppl have this much time to waste?
a product been designed and produced by the time your folio loads up.

ill wait a couple of months till it opens then ill give u feedback.

youve definitely got a great sense of aesthetic and playfulness. but it needs some words. explain the inspiration, process, and justify the final design. good stuff, great sketches too.


I noticed as well that it takes a while to open up. Load time in any type of digital portfolio is extremely important. For websites the absolute maximum is around 10 seconds, ideally lower than that and it applies for this portfolio too if you are posting it online.

I counted about 14 seconds for your portfolio to load, on a DSL line so it’s definately something to work on.

Some of your ideas seem pretty cool-just like to see more process. I’m in the middle of putting various pdf portfolios together too, and my teachers all say they want to see why I arrived at a particular design.