student looking for co-op job

i am a student currently studying product design and technology in the university of limerick, ireland and as part of our course we have to work for eight months. i am currently looking for a job from june coming until january. in our course we design, we study manufacturing processes of materials and we are currently using solid works. if anyone knows of a company that might take on a student for eight months would they please post a reply. :unamused:

Materials and processes?

yeah, we learn about the materials and the processes uses to form them into products, injection moulding and vacuum forming etc. :unamused:


Iā€™m the design manager for a Consumer medical device company located in Cambridge, MA. We are always looking for talented interns. If your willing to work in the US, Iā€™d be happy to take a look at your portfolio and discuss your work.

Let me know if you are game.