Student IDSA Chapter Blogs (Add yours!)

As a resource for prospective and current ID students alike: this is a list of different student IDSA blogs across the nation.

IDSA’s website is almost unnavigable so I thought it would be easier to have a list. Hopefully it will paint a better picture of what ID students are up to in different schools. Feel free to plug yours as I know this list in incomplete!

Carnegie Mellon:
Georgia Tech
Academy of Art University
Art Center ArtCenter News | ArtCenter College of Design
University of Cincinnati
Virginia Tech

Excellent idea,

As one of the new officers for Arizona State’s chapter we are trying to get some kind of blog together for the coming school year. I’ll post a link when we get it live.

Great list of schools. Wasnt aware of a few of them. Also nice to see what other schools are doing.

(Wow our blog hasn’t been updated in 5 months :blush: Gotta talk to the officers in school right now about that :open_mouth:)

Hey all -
Here is the IDSA blog for SCAD; I need to update it, so expect some soon!

Clorman - Do you have the link for the SCAD blog? I think it’s missing?

Sain - Yeah it was really hard for us to keep consistent blog updates during the school year too :slight_smile:

Johnathan - Looking forward to it!