Student Graduation Project Advice

So the extremely exciting, but also very very very scary :open_mouth: , time for graduation is not too far off for me-hopefully :laughing: -and the project concept is on my mind. i know i want to do something that is environmentally conscious, in the sense of as little stress on resources as possible; and, possibly provide services to people that don’t have easy access to necessary amenities. i know this is fairly “trendy” in the industrial design world, especially young-and-upcoming designers, but i think these problems are beyond any type of design trend and need to be addressed. i love the fact that we are required to be much more globally conscious in all of its aspects: socially, economically, and environmentally.

my question is this: what are some issues you have noticed in your careers and research that aren’t being addressed properly or haven’t been solved well yet? i know it’s a loaded question, so i have patience to wait if it takes a lot of thought :smiley:
thanks for you guys’ time

You’re coming off as lazy, like you’re farming free ideas off from us. You gotta give us more than “I want to be sustainable”. Of course it’s a loaded question. Part of your job as a designer is to find problems. Get off your butt, do your own research, find somethings you think are interesting, then come back with a proposal. We’ll be more than glad to help then.

i am not being lazy nor solely relying on your guys opinions. i am doing my own research and have been for a while. i am only asking what you all have noticed and seen in your experiences to help further guide centralizing a concept; not, “hey what should i do cuz i don’t want to think about it.” just as you would ask others for feedback and critique on projects, i am asking for advice from people far more experienced than i so that i am not wasting my time on subjects that for whatever reason are irrelevant. this is part of research

Definitely not a lazy mentality, a graduation project should be well thought-out and there is nothing more resourceful than a discussion board. A post like this can be part of the research.

As to the original question, when I think of “environmentally conscious”, one of the first things that comes to mind is composting. For the life of me I cannot find a clever compost bin with good ergonomics that’s stylish and and that I would be proud of to display in my yard.

right on thanks a lot man. i wouldn’t have even thought about that area i don’t think. i will have to check into that definitely. who knows where that avenue will lead to :smiley:

I think asking questions is the best way to find answers for research. Tarng seems to take this too far.

Sustainable design is definitely a trend and evolving lifestyle. There are many aspect of design that could aid for sustainability. Think how it was in the past, less pollution? less e-waste? bio degradable materials etc. Just like the re surfacing of retro design with a modern touch, maybe modern design should be inspired from past lifestyles and trends. Seems like e-waste, paper from wood, gas powered engines are major contribution. Solar and other source of power is a trendy approach.

I think for your research you should look at your project’s solution with past, present and future analysis. Maybe you will find your opportunity.

I applaud your efforts in reaching out to folks for their perspective and point of view. Relative to the question of sustainable design, one approach might be on the process/tools front vs. a product outcome… as an example, an approach to help designers make better eco-design tradeoffs through the PD process.

Good luck with your thesis.

shymasun: thank you very much for your thoughts. i totally agree: if we are to change to the future trends and thinking, we need to see how they went about this in the past and how they implemented whatever change they created.

benton_des: thank you also for your input and i do agree that making the ecological design process easier if we are to achieve a better result of manufacturing impact

thank you all for your inputs thus far

This topic got me curious to see if there had been a nice compost bin designed. I came across this project.

And a recent Core article on green products.

Thank you very much for the rad links; I’ll have to check them out ASAP :{)

First you have to find a problem…then a solution. I would advise you to seek a problem in your own life/environment.

And there’s off course the classics:
packaging, energy-consumption, eco-technology, insulation and ‘passive’ living/housing, water purification/harvesting/recuperation, grey water,green roofs…etc,recycling-upcycling, end-of-lyfecycle, closed-loop, waste=food, sustainable-reusable-materials, awareness, multi-function-modular-objects, re-use, repair, other-use, transportation <>local manufacturing, etc…

BTW that compost bin really looks ugly…not something I would place in my kitchen or yard.
Check this out:

Video is in French…but I think the visuals speak for themselves.

Maybe you’ll find some inspiration on my blog: