Student from Thailand

Hi all! Been reading this forum for a couple of days now… I am currently in my senior year at this international (English) school in Bangkok. I really love design and creative things, I enjoy being around creative and bright people. At school, I’ve helped design logos and shirts for some events and I am the Campus Improvement officer of the Student Council this year. So I thought that I should pursue this dream of mine, being an Industrial/Product designer.

I’ve read a lot of topics about which school to choose, which is good, which is cheap. I am wondering what schools will you guys recommend for a student like me, I am originally from Hong Kong btw. I’ve seen HK Polytechnic, but looks like their requirements are pretty high and I’m sad to say, I don’t have a very good GPA. My SAT scores are good for Thailand, CR+M I got 1100, but I heard it’s not good for foreign countries.

I came across a couple schools that interest me,

  1. University of Cincinatti
  2. Cleveland Institute of Art
  3. Academy of Arts - San Francisco

I read that CIA is rather cheap, but from what I have seen on their website. It’s not, it costs 40,000 per year (times 5 years :neutral_face:) That’s the same amount my sister spent on Embry Riddle (Aeronautical engineering school). My parents have a budget limit on me and they also say I should go to a University for ID so that I can take those subjects like Basic Maths, History and etc. What do you guys think?

And do you guys recommend any school around Bay Area? My sister works there and I have relatives there. That should reduce the living cost.

Please help me since I just read this post, “The Fall of the Designer: A Report from the Backwater”. I am very confused and stressed about my future.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention that as the campus improvement guy at school now, I really enjoy the things I do. Meeting people, implementing new things, suggesting a new change, making people happy and so on. I like to lead out something and I am certainly doing some part of that as the C.I. officer at school. Do you think ID will suit me or are there other jobs out there that will suit me?

Hello? Anybody there!?

This is a difficult question to answer, and really we cant do much to determine what’s your best direction.

I do think a University can offer lots more than Art schools in terms of electives and even alternate majors if you change your mind.

Focus on finding a good design school right now, and don’t worry too much about cost, you might be able to get scholarships and such to cut it down. ID sounds like it could work for you, but don’t settle on it. You might change your mind once you’re actually in school for it, but something in design should work [I went from Interior architecture & design to furniture design]. Look around for inspiration, designers and artists that you like, get a basic idea of what you want to explore and experiment with. Do what sounds most appealing to you. Good luck =)

if you’re looking for a school in bay area, check out art academy university of san fran. very nice programme, if you can afford it. im aiming to go there once to finish up my last year once im done here at dawson college in montreal canada. check us out, there is something here for you…

Thanks for the replies!
About Academy of Art, is it around 18,000 per year? Did I get that wrong? Because if compared to other schools like UC, CIA and Art Center… It’s a lot cheaper!

Seriously, don’t worry about cost now.

For education issue, especially undergrad school, time is much more critical than money, if you go to a wrong school/program, it doesn’t matter how much tuition is, it’s expensive anyway.

Or if you want to save your budget, some design schools in Thailand are really good, therefore just go to graduate school in US (or wherever) later.

hi guys im back

i recently received a letter saying that im shortlisted for the hong kong polytechnic university portfolio screening and testing.
they expect at most 5 of my best works. i wonder what type of work they would like to see most. i mostly have sketches that arent put into computer yet.
i need some advice guys. also is hong kong really right place for me to study ID? i’ve applied for RMIT in australia too…

o and not to mention, i found mr. timf on this forum… i pm’ed him and asked for advice. finding out he’ll be one of the interviewers… :S oooops!

need help asap. i can post some of my works online if i need to. o and i dont know what’ll be on the test too… :frowning: