Student from Taiwan

I want to study ID after I graduate from high school and my mom is planning to ship me to America since almost everyone reccomanded that it would be better to study ID abroad…even though there are nice ID schools in Taiwan.

It’s hard to explain but somehow in Taiwan I really don’t have time to prepare any portfolios… Spending most of my time studying and attend extracurricular activities, actually.

Anyway, UC seems to be the ideal school…not expensive, doesn’t need a portfolio, ad I simply LOVE the co-op program. But now I’m confronted with some question now, and really hope that someone can help me here.

I’ve read a topic somewhere…can’t remember where, but it said that UC is very academically focused for admission…Does that mean SAT scores? or my GPA scores at schools? How much marks I need to get to be good enough? As for scores at school, does anyone have any idea how good I have to…ugh…AT LEAST have a chance to go to UC?

I’ve already checked out College Board and there was some SAT test scores there, but then I heard that you can’t believe everything in that site and I’m so confuse… :open_mouth: I guess because I’m not very familiar to America’s system.

I would be so appreciated if anyone can help me here, and I apologize for the bad use of English… Thank you!

why dont you check out artcenter at night program then prepare ur portfolio there? or even go to pasadena city college. you can take the entry level classes there until u r ready to apply for college, i guess that’s a way. :smiley:

hi echorange, good advice, I thought about that before, but that would cost way too much than my parents can offer. thank you for replying anyways : )

When you say UC do you mean University of California? I don’t think they have ID. Maybe those schools are good for engineering and science but they are not known for having any ID programs. I think they have architecture but that’s not ID.

In California, ID schools are either in CSU California State University system or private art colleges, or Stanford.

California State University school system campuses include: San Jose State, Long Beach, Northridge, San Francisco State. San Jose State and Long Beach have the better programs in this system. I would suggest those.

Stanford also has a product design program that is more like mechanical engineering with some art appreciation, it not very studio-style industrial design.

Private schools are ArtCenter, Academy of Art, and California College of Arts. Art Center is the most famous of these and located in Pasadena.
Academy of Art is in San Francisco and so is CCA.

I think SJSU and Long Beach would be cheapest.

i think he means university of cincinnati. great program from what ive heard and the designers ive worked with. the co-op is for sure a huge advantage. Why dont you call Admissions up? talk to someone from the school, see if they can give you pointers.

but if as you mentioned you spend all your time with schoolwork and extracurricular activities, doesnt look like it should be a problem to get in.


but since English isnt my native language, I probably wouldnt do well in SAT, I’d really like to know how well I’ll have to score to get into University of Cincinnati

If you go to a priavte college like Academy of Art, you don’t need things like tests and TOEFL. I think that is one reason why they have so many foreign students. They then let you take English classes with your design classes.


but since English isnt my native language, I probably wouldnt do well in SAT, I’d really like to know how well I’ll have to score to get into University of Cincinnati[/quote]

my guess is you can get 800 in math, just get over 500 in verbal and you will do fine hahha. thats what I did.