student freelancing

hey i got a power tool company (small like GMC) to sponsor me for a product redesign - yet the guy and i have no idea about the intelluctual property etc - he said if he likes it it will be manufactured and manybe more work will come my way - yet i don’t want to get screwed - do i get rolaylities or a payout? - is there some sort of info on this on the net or a contract - that you can down load to get an idea of things?


I’m working at an internship right now and was wondering the very same thing. And whats worse is that they are not paying me!! I asked about it and they were like huh?

If you’re a student, your school should have a lawyer that you can talk to about that sort of thing. If it’s your own project, and you’re really concerned about getting your ideas ripped, I’d get some sort of agreement or contract formalized and have him sign it.

As far as chward’s internship… What did your contract say? Generally, if you’re doing work for a company, they are having you onboard to make them money, if any innovations are invented while under employment for them, they own them. Otherwise, you’d get to do some projects on their time, and take your own ideas away. They hire you for your ideas, so whatever you do on their time, they own.

Some companies even go so far as to say that ANY inventions created while employed by them are theirs, even if you’re creating a lamp while working at a pen company… F’ed up, I know, and you should steer clear of this sort of thing.

Anyways, talk to your school lawyers, its much better than asking on a message board and getting replies from schmucks like me :slight_smile: