Student & Freelance designers needed for a paid design study


I posted a survey link under design research couple of weeks ago. The survey is part of a ongoing research study aimed to design interactive interfaces that facilitate management of ideas and concepts. We are still looking for designers (design studdents, freelance designers, and designers working in design firms) to participate in the study. Till now we got really good responses from designers who work in various design firms, but still lacking a wide participation from STUDENT and FREELANCE designers. The study is short, 5~10 minute online survey followed by an hour long discussion session (which could be done over phone or using IM) and offers $30 as a token for participation.

I highly encourage you all to have a look at the survey and participate. The survey can be found at:


Moushumi Sharmin
PhD Candidate
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Can students from outside the USA participate in the survey? I’m from Ireland.

This survey (and the study) is open to designers from all over the world :slight_smile:. The two things that will differ for designers living outside USA is the study following the survey will take place over phone or IM (where as for local designers we are arranging face-to-face discussion sessions) and the payment method will be different.

  • Moushumi

We just need one more excellent student designer (with some professional design experience) for our design session!!! So if you are interested, please hurry!

I’m on it


Thank you all for your participation, I will contact you about the design session soon. We still need a few expert freelance designers for the study. So please feel free to participate in the survey. Thanks again!