Student Footwear designer work with prototype

Hello and welcome to my first ever post.
Im a footwear design student at DMU leicester.
Im in my last year at uni, and i just thought it would be nice to show some of my work on the net.
This project is to go of to Italy at the start of next year for the Lineapelle competition.
It is a mans sports casual street trainer, its design was influenced by saddlery, and its designed for spring 07.
Any comments and thoughts on my project would be very welcome.
i hope to get a job with any sports company



very nice to see the whole process.

I’m not an expert in fashion shoes, so I can’t provide valuable feedback…
but I would like to thank you nonetheless for sharing your stuff!!!

MC [pietro]

Thank you very much, i hope its nice to see this kind of stuff, i never seem to find anything like this on the net,
do you put stuff up on Kicksguide.
its just i recognise yoour name from there.

thanks again

i personally like the all brown version and i’d stick the white laces on that one too. it’s quite a classic design but it has something different to it.

most of the shoes i’ve seen at the lineapelle competitions are crazy and totally non-wearable, i think you’ve got to go for something shocking but still to see an entry that could actually be worn is pleasing.

yo, finished product is pretty hot, but some of the visuals leading up it could be stepped up…

it is cool to see how you put everything together and i really like the material quality/look it has. though imo i would go with round laces (or fewer eyelets) because maybe with the flat ones it look a bit cluttered?

where did you get the last to build it around?

Thanks again guys,
mmmm, i got the last from uni we have a cupboard with around 100 different lasts, mostly womens, the last im using belongeed to a guy last year, he now works with Hummel.
yeah the lace do look to bunched together, to many eyelets, there is velcro under that tongue but i just attaches to the laces.
i really like the natural coloured on but it wass my mockup, and things need changed to it before i could carry on with the prototype.
i like it but i cant change it now if i could there would be some more changes with maybe the material. but it is desgied for sring 07 so i dont know, the hard part about this course is trying to source new materials, like for me because i love my trainers and casual stuff you want to have fresh material sources, none as of yet.
thanks again

But I’d say that’s as much sport as it is fashion?

Great project - and it looks like the degree course has really improved since I graduated - you write specs now - something we never did much of and vital for work in the industry. Great! It is a brilliant degree course anyway (I am biased by the way as I studied my footwear degree there).

Hotmix: Did you use shoemaster to do the CAD? Do they still use it at DMU?

Nice project! I am still young and not really qualified to comment on the technical side of things, but I like the prototype you made, the materials look great. As someone else said, the visuals could be improved, but personally I don’t think that the most important thing.

I might actually be doing this course after my A Levels are done, still thinking up whether to do architecture, industial design and footwear design at DMU.

Thanks to everybody that posted. its incredibly satisfiying to get some postitive feedback from people.Here is the heel. i did think long and hard about using it. and did change my mind backwards andforward. but i think it sums me up, and to be honest i really like it. other might disagree but thats choice.
i hope the italians like it.

any thoughts!!!


Hot man, I’d like to see more on that outsole… The heel is nutz. Looking good.

man if gucci or prada toke those in, i think you would easily see those sell of the shelves for 900 a pop. Great work from start to finish, gives me inspiration.

Thank you to the Guest who left that note, it put a smile on my face. Gucci or Prada that would be nice. i will try and post some more views of the finished artical…
thanks again

yo man u got an aim name

Hi sorry i dont quite know what you mean, like a name for the project or a name for the shoe.

or are you talking to the guy Yo above.

I still dont know what i could call this project, but it is definatly a couture sports. I really love my trainers and especially my(football boots) and i hope that after i leave uni, that some where somebody will take me on.
Its hard because i dont think that there is many options for me in the uk.

thanks again

With your skills I doubt you’ll have any trouble getting a job. I’ll look out a list of recruitment consultancies in the UK - I can think of at least three that recruit for sports trade only, send me a pm to remind me.

It depends where you want to be located and what kind of brand you want to work for.

There are often jobs going at Adidas and Puma in Gemany, too, these consulatncies will know about them.

If I was you I’d sign up now, don’t wait until you graduate.

Shoenista that would be great. all the help that i can get will be gold to me. i dont know of that many recruiting places i think i know that drapers has some jobs advertised.

At the moment i still dont have any work expirence.
will this go against me in a job interview.

i will try and get a better view of the Sole for next time. its a crepe sole with a layer of little squared pieces of leather on it.

thanks again.

hey ruebs good to see your doing well, i do like the show…looks da bomb hope u win… im currently trying to enter a few more comps hope i win again… its nearly been a year and not won nothing. give us a call soon… ill be redoing my site soon cant wait to get it looking good.
i think u need me to take some cool fashion shots of ur shoe…bring it up if ur about soon and we can shoot in in cool locations. later boobies. love u

Thanks malcom but can you do your self promotion somewhere else, this is my little bit.
start you own blog
Damn you
kidding good to see that you like it.

Just some more pictures of some of my other shoes which i have hand made at uni. the grey and white one went of to Lineapella last year and came 4th, which i was really happy with. it was based on a old geta, the oriental clog made form wood.

Good work!

Thanks for sending me your work previously.

As I’ve said to you before, as a Technical Manager out here in Asia and being in the forefront at the point of production, think hard about the technical integrity of your product.

The concept is good. Very good, and that will take you far in itself. However, it’s got to go from concept to cost effective production and onto the customer’s foot! They’ll want to to wear it, so you now have to make it wearable!

The aisian concept is good, with the heel and fore blocks, but give some thought as to the support structure as well as the flexibility between these two pivots.

As a designer myself of 12 years, then a technician of 10, I had to learn the hard way arounf these transitions. You’ll learn a lot from thinking about this kind of thing beforehand.

Anyway, you’re doing a great job. If you’re ever in China we need a serious talk!