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Just a simple post for prospective students. I’ve started a blog detailing what I did in my first term as a product design major at Art Center (and what I will be doing next term):

I know that a year ago I would have liked to see this kind of stuff. I thought it might still be useful to some of you.

I’d love to see some detail/process from students in other schools!

I really like the content going on in your blog. Keep it up! I’m also in my first year for ID. I really liked the “how things work” and the perspective sketch posts. I was wondering what types of ID classes have you taken, and are going to take next semester? Good luck!


Great idea! I just added the blog to my feed reader.

Thanks for your positive replies. I added a new post and am going to keep it updated as much as my schedule will allow!

@Ujay, so far I haven’t actually taken an actual product design course, the first one will be next term. I think the first term is really meant to give you the skills and the rigor to keep going.


Looking forward to following it!

Ah so this is your 1st year in college? I’m in my sophomore year, but first year in ID. What type of basic classes have you taken so last semester? and what type of programs are you being taught this year?

your work and what they’re teaching there is great to see, even for graduates…

Looking forward to seeing more :sunglasses:

This is my first year at Art Center, yes. Because classes run all year round, people are generally identified by their “term”, i.e. the number of semesters you’ve taken (you end up taking 8 terms). I’ll be starting my second semester, which is still part of the “foundation” year.

The classes that I mention on my blog are the ones I took last semester. Viscom (perspective sketching), 3D Fundamentals (workshop basics), Study Models (model building), Design Fundamentals (typography and color theory). As well as 4 half-term long classes: Way Things Work (understanding how objects function), Way Things Look (20th century history of design), Design Process: Form (understanding shape) and Design Process: Space (environmental design).

I love the foamcore tracks and the leftover scraps.

This work is great! The foundation course material at Art Center seems very solid! Keep it up!’re already head and shoulders above some seniors I know…

Thanks for the post. Those courses look amazing.

Wonderful to see an ID student blog. will be nice if we can have links to these sort of blogs - (STUDENT BLOGS sub category?)

the only other student blog is the one at Archinect, which consists of quite a few archi school students.

nice documentation. good work in your Design Process: Space course.

i’m a 5th term Environmental Design student @ ACCD and document most all my work via flickr, which i would recommend as well. it’s not a blog, but i keep it updated w/ detailed info and that way it’s always online and accessible and EZ to share with others.

there’s a app called pictobrowser which can pull your flickr images for use on a website or blog too, which i use here:

good luck this term, see ya on the bridge… :sunglasses:

I’ve been out of the loop on the blogging front, but midterms have come and gone. I have a bit of spare time and will be posting about the first half of second term for the next few days.

I started by talking about our shop class:

I’m in my fourth term studying in ID technologies (before uni) and I don’t like it at all. It’s not at a good level and I might probably go to Switzerland by the end of this year to pursue a bachelor in Industrial Design and Arts.

This is my personal blog:

I don’t comment my school work specifically but I share my thoughts and creation process. Let me know what you think!

I’m a 2nd Semester student studying here in SF at AAU Industrial Design. After seeing Kepano’s Art Center Blog, it inspired me to start up one of my own blogs to document some of my work on a week to week basis. Most of the pics are of the sketches and models for classes such as Model 1, Form Development, and some Design Drawing classes.

Hope you like. Any feedback you guys have would be great.



Wow! Awesome jthai, I’m glad to see what other students are doing. We need more!

Thanks Kepano! Ireally like your stuff! Your second term stuff looks like some of our upper 3rd 4th term level of work man. You guys truly are at a high level standard. keep up the good work. Do you have any viscom class work? My friend is applying to ACCD, and says the viscom classes are really cool.

wow, yes… interesting to see what is going on in other schools from a student perspective.

It seems as if a lot of schools are very different. At Parsons, where I am a junior, we don’t really draw as much, while we have hours and hours of concept discussions.

do you guys have drawing classes every semester?