Stuck with specific lighting - Help! I need some body. Help!

I’m in need of a specific render look and it’s been evading me. How do I setup lights and settings to achieve dark shadows close to the object that blend to soft shadows that quickly blend to a pure white floor? Just like shown in my attachments, especially the first one.

I’m using 3DS Max + Mental Ray.
Example 03.jpg
Example 02.jpg
Example 01.jpg

I’m not sure how to help you exactly. You may want to post this question over at CGarchitect. They have a ton of max+mental ray users there that could probably help you pretty quickly.

Those shadows in the first image look really dark. I would think that there has perhaps been a bit of Photoshopping done here to make them “pop”. For presentation renders I quite often render more than one image and combine them using Photoshop. Perhaps an option?

Try, too. There’s a ton of render geeks, and great tutorials, too.

Try looking using GI options instead of lights, or even better use an HDRI for lighting and reflection.

Those look like they’re mostly using GI (Global Illumination) with possible additional specular lights to help enhance the look of some surfaces. I agree that the shadows in the first might be post processed.

It would also help to post a sample of what your renders look like now…