Strong, thin, clear, and not brittle plastic?

I have a tablet pc I use frequently now for sketching and reading pdf’s away from my main computer.

There is a very very thin (1mm or less?) screen cover, apparently a polycarbonate plastic. Recently this cracked all the way along in multiple spots, making pen use potentially deadly for the LCD beneath. :cry:

If I were to try and locate a thin sheet of plastic to replace it, what might a good material be? It should also be scratch resistant and low-friction. I think, but don’t know, that there may be other coatings on the surface I can’t get on my own.

I also have the option to pull one off a dead tablet someone else has of the same model, but with a cover this fragile, dissasembly could break the replacement too.


From what little I know I’m guessing acrylic with a protective film might be a solution.