Strobel Type Stitching Machine

I need to purchase a Strobel machine for a project . The machine should be able to attach a insole to a liner which will in turn fit into another outer “shell”. Anyone know of where I can see and purchase one of these machines?

is it for manufacture or just protoyping.

if its for protoyping you can hand stitch it with a triple running stitch in a triangular pattern–'cause all a strobel stitcher does is stitch the triple running stitch at a 90 degree angle with a heavy weight thread at high speed/pressure.

are you using a die cut insole to attach to a woven/non woven lining material?

how will the insole/lining be attched to the outer shell?

just asking…

Thanks for the quick reply!

  1. Manufacture
  2. Die cut insole stitched to non woven insulating material
  3. Liner will not be attached to the outer shell (Ski Boot)

I make custom ski boots and I need the Strobel stitcher to manufacture the liners.

Will Kaplan
Performance Pedorthics

try these guys:

they have rebuilt machines. Their might be expensive. But at least they are in the US and can probably get you what you want

good luck[/url]

They were already on my list!