Strategic in-house designers out there?

Hi I’m going to be posting about Design becoming strategic to this new blog:

Please visit and comment. Are there any other Industrial Designers out there who have experience of working to see Design become strategic within in-house design at a company?

Our start point was that cold cold feeling when you walk into a concept pres, present to Salesmen/Senior Management and get into a conflict on which design to choose; designer reommends this one, Salesman says another one, who wins? We cam to realise if you get to that point you’ve already lost the battle, you need to win the battle a couple of weeks ago…

Please check the blog out for future posts, it’s going to be good.


I worked in a strategic design dept of a big corp and it worked a little differently from what you describe… where I was, we were creating blue sky concepts around technology the company was inventing. The goal was to use the concepts to show how the inventions could be used by other companies, and then sell the IP or create a custom product. Sorry I can’t go into more detail. We helped conceptualize the big picture services that were being pitched, then designed the enabling gizmos that made the services possible

Product styling roadmaps happen too of course, just my $.02

You’ve asked a question that has a yes/no response–not exactly a conversation starter.
And, directing people to have that disucssion on YOUR blog? Not cool.

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Perhaps how we went about doing it? Obstactles we found?