strategic design management

Hey all!
I just received a letter from the milan polytecnic informing me of my admission into their 13month strategic design management course :laughing: . While I am quiet happy since I have been wanting to do this course for some time now, I was wondering if there are others that know anything of this program… for those that do not
hittin the URL above will take you there!

All comments welcome!

consider ur self lucky man …its a great course … though i dont know muuch about it… read the course summary and makes so much sence.

so you made it through the scholarship … are you from india …

Well have been looking at doing a design management course and this one made the most sense in terms of content and connections… yes indian here, the scholarships get decided only at the end so will have to wait till right before things commence if i made it or not… right now happy enough to get admission.

thanks for the reply!

i have the application form with me …

when was the last date to submit it , i guess its over …
was just lazing around …
guess will go for business design in domus …

u know anything about the last dates ???