straightening scrumpled paper advice?

Doh! I just nearly through out some paper I thought was scrap, but then realised it was part of my sketch book. (no jokes please :unamused: )

Anyone got tips to flattening/straightening/de-crumpling paper?!


…maybe try sandwiching it between some big heavy books…? I dont know, worth a shot. I did that once to get a wrinkle out of a photograph.


i slide my finger down the wrinkle and crease it in the opposite direction, sometimes this works it depends on how strong the wrinkles are…

dunno if this would work but try leaving it in the basthroom when u are taking a shower so there is a lot of steam-and then it will probably curl its edges so you then stack weight on it…

it works for dress shirts and wrinkles

i don’t know if you need the sketches to be ORIGINALS or not, but if you can get away with scanning the wrinkled, or scrumpled paper you should be able to get a clean image that way, if not you can always photoshop out the wrinkles.

thats the only thing i can think of, rather than to redraw everything you crumpled up and almost threw away.

good luck man.

iron it upside down or under another piece of paper. do it quick and it will look brand new

Thanks for the replies. I’ll give them all a try!